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Our SCIENTIFICALLY-BACKED METHODOLOGY uses your Adventure Score to match you with life-changing adventures while SAVING YOU TIME and SAVING YOU MONEY. 
We'll handle the hard parts so you 
  • Weeks Of Research 
  • Stressful Planning  
  • Fears Of Being Ripped Off
 What's Included
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One 'Discoverer' 
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  • The Perfect Adventure For You: Learn where you should go and why it's right for you 
  • ​What To See And Do: Top recommendations on what to do and see based on your Adventure Score
  • Where To Stay: Recommended places to sleep based on expert knowledge 
  • How To Get Around: Advice on local transportation, customs, and cultural must-knows 
  • And So Much More....
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A 2nd 'Discoverer'
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  • Another Perfect Trip Recommendation designed for a totally different adventure
  • Comparison Helps when researching where to go so use this option to help you decide
  • Another Option means that if you like both trip ideas, save one of them for a future date
  • Access From Anywhere by simply making this information available offline, anytime
[Also Included]
The Adventure Score Handbook
(Normally $97) Included For FREE!!!
  • Detailed Description to better understand the metrics behind your unique Adventure Score
  • 'Comfort Zone' represents where you become more mentally and physically challenged
  • Growth Potential will show you the ways in which you can become even more adventurous
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Our Private Community
(Normally $147) Included For FREE!!!
Connect with avid travelers from over all over the world who have similar world views and interests. Meet others with similar Adventure Scores or branch out to explore our whole community of travelers interested in personal development and environmentally-conscious travel. Traveling is more fun when you have a tribe of people who share your values. 
[Also Included]
The Safe Traveler Guide
(Normally $47) Included For FREE!!!
The Safe Traveler Guide is a must-have of good-to-knows when traveling on your next adventure. This highly recommended compilation of expert advice comes from the experience of traveling abroad hundreds of times. Be sure to understand what to do AND NOT DO when traveling to ensure you stay safe while having the trip of your life!
[Also Included]
Traveler Mindset & Maxims
(Normally $47) Included For FREE!!!
Traveler Mindset & Maxims is a compilation of messages, tips, and advice by expert GlobeKickers and co-founders combined into one powerful video. By getting into the right frame of mind and evoking the right attitude, you will find yourself embracing all aspects of the trip - both planned and unplanned - so that every moment becomes an opportunity for continued learning, deeper understanding, and realized personal growth.
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  • ​Amazing Bonus #2 FREE -​ The Safe Traveler Guide ($47 Value)
  • Amazing Bonus #3 FREE - Traveler Mindset & Maxims ($47 Value)
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    Katherine Mayer 

    The Warrior.  Adventure Score = 71.25

    "GlobeKick has changed my life. Their excellent planning and attention to detail provided extraordinary cultural experiences I would not have experienced on my own. My worldview expanded with all 3 trips that I've taken with them and the friendships created along the way are ones I will cherish forever. GlobeKick taught me to conquer my fears and inspired me to continue exploring. I can’t wait to travel with them again soon."
    Jeff Catlin

    The Survivor.  Adventure Score = 68.00

    "I never saw myself as being much of a world traveler before GlobeKick. It wasn't that I was nervous of traveling abroad, I simply lacked the knowledge and experience to plan a note-worthy adventure on my own. GlobeKick eliminated all the stressful aspects of travel so I could enjoy the experience to its fullest capacity. If you've ever desired to travel but felt uncertain about planning it - GlobeKick is perfect for you."
    Jeff Catlin GlobeKick photo
    Katie Eaton

    The Pioneer.  Adventure Score = 69.92

    "GlobeKick is amazing! So glad I took the opportunity in 2018 to book all my vacations days with GlobeKick. The 3 adventures I've taken with them were incredible and unforgettable. I expected to have great experiences but never expected to make such great friends as well."
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