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"The Discoverer"
The Discoverer
Adventure Bundle
  • Why You Should Visit: Learn the history, the highlights, and why it's perfect for your trip
  • ​What To See And Do: The key things to do and see based on your Adventure Score
  • How To Get Around: What to expect and use when navigating the scene
  • Cultural Considerations:  Familiarize yourself with cultural courtesies, events, and customs
  • And So Much More....
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2nd Discoverer
Adventure Bundle
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  • Another Perfect Trip Recommendation designed for you to a different destination
  • Comparison Helps when researching where to go so use this option to help you decide
  • Another Option means that if you like both trip ideas, save one of them for a future date
  • Access From Anywhere by simply making this information available offline, anytime
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The Adventure Score Handbook
(Normally $97) Included For FREE!!!
  • Detailed Description to better understand the metrics behind your unique Adventure Score
  • 'Comfort Zone' represents where you become more mentally and physically challenged
  • Growth Potential will show you the ways in which you can become even more adventurous
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The Safe Traveler Guide
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The Safe Traveler Guide is a must-have of good-to-knows when traveling on your next adventure. This highly recommended compilation of expert advice comes from the experience of traveling to abroad hundreds of times. Be sure to understand what to do AND NOT DO when traveling to ensure you stay safe while having the trip of your life!
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Traveler Mindset & Maxims
(Normally $47) Included For FREE!!!
Traveler Mindset & Maxims is a compilation of messages, tips, and advice by expert GlobeKickers and co-founders combined into one powerful video. By getting into the right frame of mind and evoking the right attitude, you will find yourself embracing all aspects of the trip - both planned and unplanned - so that every moment becomes an opportunity for continued learning, deeper understanding, and realized personal growth.
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    Meet Russ, Rad, and Jamie... We're three best buds who started GlobeKick several years ago with the sole purpose of helping people enjoy unforgettable adventures to all corners of the globe!

    Between the three of us, we've traveled to over 100 different countries, experienced every trick, hurdle, and trap in the industry, and have emerged knowing how to navigate throughout the world safely and confidently. 

    We've led groups of travelers all over the world. From the Northern Lights in Norway... to Elephant Sanctuaries in the Cambodian jungle... to camel trekking through the Sahara Desert... to wine-tasting in France... and just about everything in between. These experiences have formed the basis of our scientifically-backed methodology. Each time, we've delivered exceptional cultural experiences and unforgettable memories, and we're eager to do the same for you. 

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